Maritime and fisheries network

Maritime and fisheries network is an open co-operation network, and it’s main goal is to promote implementation of the Finnish operational program of European maritime and fisheries fund.


There are several organizations and stakeholders in the fisheries sector, such as various authorities, research institutes, lobbying and promotion organizations, and local action groups. The most important players in fisheries are, of course, fishermen, fish farmers, and fish trade and processing entrepreneurs. The Maritime and Fisheries Network is an open network of co-operation that links these actors. However, anyone can belong to the network because it has no actual members. This may sound abstract, but the network has tangible tasks.

The main task of the network is to promote the implementation of the Finnish operational program, by providing information on the funding opportunities and achievements of the operational program, by providing training for the actors in the sector and by increasing the internal and external networking of the sector. The OP aims at creating a competitive business environment for fisheries, which encourages and enables sustainable growth and renewal of the whole value chan in the sector.

A steering group comprising members from different sectors of the fisheries sector guides the activities of the fisheries network, and the network coordinator is responsible of their implementation. The network’s office is located in Seinäjoki,  Agency for Rural Affairs, in the rural network support unit, which coordinates and develops the rural network. The operation and objectives of the unit in its context are very similar to those of the maritime and fisheries networks’, and the resulting synergies support the activities of both networks.

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