Welcome to the web portal for the Finnish operational program of European maritime and fisheries fund!

The Finnish Operational Program for the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) aims at a successful and sustainable blue bio-economy. The maritime and fisheries fund promotes sustainable fisheries and sustainable aquaculture, Union’s Common Fisheries Policy and the increase of regional employment and cohesion. It also promotes the marketing and processing of fishery products and the implementation of Integrated Maritime Policy.


THL: Itämeren silakan dioksiinipitoisuudet yhä laskussa

Ympäristömyrkyiksi luettavat dioksiinit ovat vähentyneet Itämeren silakoissa. Yhä suuremmat kalat kelpaavat vientiin. Lue lisää: https://thl.fi/fi/-/itameren-silakoiden-dioksiinipitoisuudet-ovat-edelleen-vahentyneet-yha-suuremmat-silakat-kelpaavat-vientiin Ylen...

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Kalastajat ja tutkijat kohtaavat Turussa 22.11.

Kalastajien ja tutkijoiden välistä kumppanuutta kehitetään ja ideoidaan Turussa 22.11.2019 klo 10–15. Tule mukaan! Lisätietoja: http://sakl.fi/ammattikalastaja-miten-kehitetaan-ammattikalastusta-vuosina-2020-2021/ 

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Innovaatio-ohjelmien väliarviointi valmistui

Kalatalouden innovaatio-ohjelmien väliarviointi valmistui. Väliarvioinnin kohteena olivat EU:n meri- ja kalastuspolitiikkaa tukevan rahaston (EMKR) Suomen toimintaohjelman puitteissa käynnistetyt innovaatio-ohjelmat. Arvioinnin tilasi maa- ja metsätalousministeriö ja...

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Picks from EMFF projects

New fisheries network coordinator

You can contact the new fisheries network coordinator Sinna Seppänen by email or phone: sinna.seppanen@ruokavirasto.fi +358 295 204033.

New fishermen are needed in Lapland

Lapland fish has a strong demand and the market area is Finland as a whole. The reason is that the quality and reputation of the fish produced here is excellent. Also, the popularity of local food and municipal decisions to favor local food produced will increase...

Innovation programs

Like all industries, fisheries must adapt and change as the world is changing – it is time for the industry to network

The finnish operational program of EMFF includes innovation programs for network-based development of fisheries, fisheries environmental innovations and sustainable aquaculture. In addition, the development of marketing and promotion is supported by multiannual development programs.

The aim of the innovation programs is development work which benefits the whole fisheries industry more permanently. The programs enhance the effectiveness of research and development activities and the opportunities for companies to invest in new technologies and products. Work is done in networks, which promotes fisheries product development, strengthens private and public partnerships, and encourages courageous experiments.

Innovation programs do not specify detailed measures in advance, but programs define effectiveness goals. This model also provides network actors with the ability to respond to changing situations and needs, as well as the ability to solve broad and multi-dimensional challenges. The programs are coordinated by the Natural Resources Institute, Aktion Österbotten and Pro Kala.

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